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LEGALIZATION – legitimation of illegally built buildings

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The building is considered to be legal regardless of whether tit has he constructing act or not if it was built by February 15, 1968. All that was built, upgraded, built on or reconstructed after that date must have a construction permit to be considered legal, whether that approval is called a building permit, a decision on construction conditions, a location permit, a certificate on the main project, or something different. In addition to being approved for construction, the building should be constructed in accordance with the approval, in terms of building volume, openings on it, purpose, etc.
A building that is illegal in full or partially and meets the legalization requirements can be legalized under the Treatment of Illegally Built Buildings Act.


Only legal buildings may be plugged into the utility infrastructure for water supply and wastewater drainage, power grid, etc. Economic activities in the hospitality sector, trade, tourism, etc. are possible only in legal buildings.

Evidence of the legality of the construction of a building is one of the necessary conditions for applying for funds from the European Funds. Proving ownership for sale, asset allocation, renting, bestowal etc. can only be carried out for legal buildings. These are just some of the reasons that prove that the legal building is more valuable.

Recognizing the current issue regarding legalization or the legalization of illegally built buildings, Primat Nekretnine are at your service.

We offer you two types of services related to the legalization of your buildings:

I. If you have the time and strength to do most of work for the legalization of your buildings, and you do not know where to start and what to do, we offer a "guide" service (consultation) through the process of legalizing an illegal building.

Through this service you can find out:
Everything about the basic conditions for legalization
What you need for submitting a Request
Calculation of fees for keeping illegally built building in space about a decision about executed condition
The framework price for making a record of the completed condition in the process of legalization of the building
Frame price for making geodetic record of the completed condition of the illegally constructed building
On communal and water resources

In short, we advise you how to complete the legalization process in the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way.

II. If you do not have the time, strength, or patience to deal with legalization affairs yourself, Primat Nekretnine can, in your name and in cooperation with authorized geodetic and architectural office, complete legalization of your buildings.

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